Syther cutting a hay meadow with mountains in the distance.

The Moonbeam Collective is a gathering of individuals who have come  together to form a community group to celebrate, reflect on and promote the environment, the countryside and rural life through the creation of music and other artistic media, drawing particular inspiration from the landscape,culture and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales.

Way back in 2009 two lovely young people, Jen Boyle and Ben Haines decided to get married at a fantastic venue hidden in the Peak District National Park. They asked some friends to provide the music for the occasion. As well as playing that night in a raucous blues band, a father, Jon Avison, a son, Ben Avison and good friend, Sam Lawrence, dressed up in dinner jackets and silk scarves and played a set of classic songs from the 30’s by the likes of Cole Porter and Irvin Berlin - The Moonbeams were born.


They then lay dormant until the following year when the bride and groom moved back to the Yorkshire Dales and Jen picked up her viola. Others joined the group and it started playing songs written by Jon largely based on his love of his homeland, the Yorkshire Dales,

Since then The Moonbeams have released 2 critically acclaimed albums, with a third on the way and have developed their ‘Songs from The Dales’ with their very own identifiable musical style. They regularly play around the Dales and even venture out to festivals and events in other areas on occasion!.

In 2017 they decided to branch out from just playing and writing music and join with friends to set up ‘The Moonbeam Collective’. The Collective is a ‘community’ organisation whose aims are to celebrate and promote the environment and rural life. It is now getting involved in film making and other artistic mediums and has great plans for the future. 

The main interests of The Collective are;


The musical band ‘The Moonbeams’ who write and perform music, regularly taking their ‘Songs From The Dales’ to venues and festivals throughout the Dales and elsewhere.


The ‘Moonbeam Picture Show’ team who produce original and thought provoking films depicting the life and landscapes of our country.


Moonbeam Music, producing, promoting and distributing The Moonbeams music.

In addition we have plans to expand our range of activities into theatre and art in the near future.