Erratics, The Moonbeams fourth album is being released, a track a month, during 2020.

It is available for free through Bandcamp  

YouTube videos are available for the tracks so far -

Sweet Memories and

Tree in a Frame

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This Land, The Moonbeams third album was released at the end of May 2018. We are really excited about it as it builds on their previous albums as well as exploring different musical styles and approaches. It is available through this website, Bandcamp, Apple MusicSpotify etc and local shops in the Dales  

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We are thrilled with the reception This Land has received. It has been played on over twenty radio stations and had a number of exciting reviews. 

Rooted in history and research, this set of songs has the authenticity of an updated take on the late -50s BBC Radio Ballads produced by Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger.’  


‘The Moonbeams ability to draw inspiration from the landscape, culture and wildlife of The Yorkshire Dales is impressive and moving… I find the music moving, poignant and evocative of this wonderful place’

The Yorkshire Dales Review

This Land - Lyrics
The Flags Beneath Our Feet
The Flags Beneath Our Feet

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This Land
This Land

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The Yorkshire Tup
The Yorkshire Tup

The Flags Beneath Our Feet
The Flags Beneath Our Feet

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The Moonbeams previous albums Sparrowhawk's Eye, released in 2012 and Watching Wildlife, released in 2015 received many fantastic reviews. We were also rather pleased that Watching Wildlife was included at 37 in The Telegraph's Best folk Songs of 2015 -

'rooted deep in the countryside, willingly tied to the landscape, alert to the changing seasons and sensitive to the creatures that share the environment with complicated human hearts - the quintet record what they see in loving detail' - Q Magazine

'with its wonderfully laid back flute lines the song extols all that is good about country life' - Fatea

'Music is something to be moved by and The Moonbeams certainly succeed' - Maverick

'songs of life, love and nature truly reflect the culture and landscapes of this beautiful part of the country. Whistle, viola, accordion, mandolin and banjo provide pleasant variety over wholesome folk tunes, evoking the beauty of the landscape and lifestyle of the people. This is music to listen to while dreaming and reflecting on the better things of life'  - Classic Rock

'The countryside of our memories and of our imaginations. It’s a bucolic dream, escapism in song'

I find the music really moving, taking me to a different place evoking for me the spirit of Elgar and Vaughan Williams’  - BBC Radio Leeds

'The music is a rich mixture of strings and wind, almost orchestral at times' - R2

 We have produced two videos from Watching Wildlife

Coming Home

Watching Wildlife